Red Barn Media Group

With over 30 years of experience in supply chain management, Red Barn Media Group is uniquely qualified to create IT solutions that bridge the gap between the companies that offer the latest technology and the primary markets those organizations hope to reach.


In 1980, the organization that became Red Barn Media Group was founded in the offices built in the converted hayloft of this 1865 Hinesburg VT horse barn. Almost immediately we were innovators in the use of computer technology in supply chain management. This business flourished by identifying and marketing high technology HVAC products throughout northern New England and upstate New York.

New Markets

Starting in the mid 1990's we began providing technical marketing material to organizations throughout North America. Starting first with database driven print resources, we moved rapidly to disc and then PC based systems. In 1998 Red Barn Media Group was formed as way to focus exclusively on the development IT solutions for multi-step supply chains selling high technology products to the public.

Common Era

In 2003 we moved into our new red barn. Built in 1805 from native Charlotte VT trees, our English carriage barn is large enough for us to grow, and is a model for energy efficient construction while respecting the craftsmanship of it’s original builders. Also in 2003 after we launched our first large–scale online database. It's unique proprietary open architecture design proved to be widely successful. Based on the concepts learned here we developed and then launched the MyPointNow network in 2007.


Today more than 120,000 service professionals utilize some aspect of the MyPointNow network. With services for high tech manufacturers, professional sales organizations, wholesaler companies, and local service and installation companies, we now support operations with combined revenues well in excess of $1 billion.