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MyPointNow is an open architecture information network bridging the needs of high technology manufacturers and the consumers they hope to attract.

Award Announcement

Consulting and Specifying Engineer Magazine recently announced that the AERCO Interanational Smart Sizing Program written by the engineering and design team at MypointNow.com is a finalist for Product of the Year.

AERCO International is a New York based manufacturer of commercial boilers and domestic water heating systems. They specialize in large scale commercial water heating for high-rise buildings, schools, hotels, hospitals and other large scale domestic hot water users throughout North America and beyond. They offer tankless and direct gas fired systems as well and single and double wall heat exchanger systems for both hot water and steam boilers.

The AERCO Smart Sizing program enables users to accurately calculate application hot water loads, and then calculate equipment sizing requirements for a wide variety of configurations and uses. These outputs include prospective operating parameters and engineering specifications needed to properly apply AERCO products to meet demands of the application under consideration.

MyPointNow has decades of experience providing online engineering systems that enable the specification, sale and proper use of advanced energy saving PHVAC technologies in both the residential and commercial sectors.


It’s personal. When considering a high-technology purchase, consumers are looking for two things: Assurance. Respect.


Can I trust this company and this technology?


they’re a big company, so do they care about me?

Supply Chain:

Markets are local. Providing resources to efficiently exceed customers expectations and maximize customer retention and referral base.

OEM Manufacturers:

Solutions are Global. Providing an information network to ensure that potential customers find our answers first, can efficiently make purchase decisions, and our supply chain can profitably fulfill this transaction.

Shared intelligence:

In fulfilling the needs of today’s consumers, we are continuously improving the knowledge base that sharpens our ability to profitably address the needs of tomorrows consumers.

Specific Systems:

  • Data collection through interaction:
  • Online product registration systems for consumers and professionals
  • Technical training management systems
  • Loyalty rewards systems
  • SmartSearch consumer resources available locally
  • Supply Chain Road-map to Success: database management through automated system triggers.
  • Objective Performance Measurement at All Levels
  • Front-facing Website Integration and Optimization